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Interior Painting

art-wall-brush-painting-largeWhether you want one room or your whole interior done, we can do it. We will move your furniture as needed to reach whatever areas we are painting and cover everything to protect it from any drips or paint spatters. We will vacuum behind your couch or refrigerator, washer or dryer as sometimes these things are seldom moved. We remove all electrical outlet and light switch cover plates. Whether its an entertainment center or a fish aquarium we will move it in order to paint your walls or ceilings.

Whether its a difficult stairwell or a two story great room we have the equipment and knowledge to give any homeowner a paint job they will be more than satisfied with.

We can repair drywall damage and have years of experience in matching the different textures that can be found on different walls and ceilings. We know what sheens to use on walls or ceiling, trim and baseboards. You'll like our work and our prices. Thats why we are still in business after 50 years.

Father and Son Painting serves the Anniston, AL and surrounding areas. Call today for interior painting, exterior painting and more.