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Exterior Painting

house-window-flowerpotsWhen it comes to painting the exterior of your home there our several factors that are of the utmost importance. First is the preparation of the surface to be painted. Does it need scraped and sanded? What grit of sandpaper is the best to use? Any bare wood should be primed! What type of primer should be used ? I have discovered over the years that one type of primer works better than most other primers for exterior surfaces! What areas should be caulked and what areas should be caulk free in order allow certain areas to breath? I have had to search for the heavier grit sandpaper over the years because the box stores like home depot and Lowes don't carry a heavy enough grit to remove the loose paint satisfactorily.

Most homeowners don't realize that applying the paint with a sprayer and back-brushing as opposed to dipping out of a bucket and brushing or rolling applies a much heavier coat of paint that adds longevity to any exterior painting surface. Overspray is of little concern when the right size spray tip is used and the pressure of your sprayer is turned as low as possible to still provide a good spray pattern. Never use a cheap product for your finish paint.

We have a the right equipment necessary to get to all those hard to reach areas such as different size ladders, hook ladders that allow access to difficult to reach areas by hooking over the top of roofs and the knowledge of having done exterior painting for over fifty years.

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